Sexy harpy creampie shows that he means business in this western doujinshi!

Yup, lets get this western doujnshi going! In just a few more pages we’ll be at the halfway point of chapter 5! It’s come together fast-ish but nowhere near as fast as I wanted. Such is the sad fate of one creating western doujinshi. If things were a bit better we’d probably have been doing in a week or two, but ah well. Not much to gain from worrying about it now. Just gotta try and do the best that I can in this current moment.

Tali is looking extra thicc in panel 1, and I’m super happy with how sexy she and her bouncy, round titties look. I do believe my skills at creating western doujinshi have increased yet again! We also start to get into the more important narrative beats of the chapter as we bring up the Fair Four. Now, this isn’t the first time they were mentioned. If you look back on the first page of the comic they were name dropped in the second to last panel but in retrospect they should have been given a bit more emphasis rather than just being a footnote. I’m going to chok it down to one of those things where I rushed myself unecessarily early on and vow to pace things better from here on out. I’m making it a goal not to cut too much out from my ideas moving forward no matter of page count. If I write it, and if I like it, it’ll stay in. Gotta work through my ideas and make the kind of western doujinshi that I want to be reading, you know?

As far as anything else goes though, been doing great. Have struck up working partnerships with the official servers of r/hentai and r/monstergirl and I have special permissions on both servers now and that’s been doing my viewership a pretty great solid. If you’re joining the MHFAP! train from either of those subreddits don’t be afraid to join the MHFAP! Discord and tell me so!

Characters colored by DallyDonut


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