New page of everyone’s favorite harpy getting her fat pussy stuffed!

And now you guys get to see more of what I meant about how we’d handle the exposition this chapter, mixing it in with a healthy dose of sex! I think it makes the plot that much more interesting, don’t you? At least there’s plenty of sexy harpy titties to look at while I work on wrapping up the last bit of exposition we need to cover in order to set the stage for all the forthcoming sexual monster girl adventures.

Seeing Tali in on the action after two chapters of no bird sex just feel great, though! That poor birdy. Rizl is a little less than impressed but you guys should know her by now and that’s hardly surprising.

On an unrelated note, I’m happy that I finally found a brush for drawing hearts that I like. Took me a lot longer than I’d have liked, personally, but here we are. Having hearts in dialogue bubbles is a staple of hentai manga, and for whatever reason it just makes the dialogue that much sexier. So it’s a relief to finally be able to check that one off the list.

I think Futura looks really cute hugging onto Hero like that. It’s moments like that that really showcase how she grew out of being a mostly kuudere type of gal. She’s prone to bratty and childish moments like so in her petite, power save form. Little things like that sure make the little lady a lot cuter I think, and I hope you guys agree with me!

My pacing has been ok the last few days. I had an annoying weekend filled with housework and such bullshit so not enough drawing was commenced. We are good to go now, though! Let’s get to work on more sexy monster girls!

Characters colored by DallyDonut


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