And here we are with the latest sexy update!

If you can’t beat em, join em. Futura says at any rate. She would rather have too much than too little, and I don’t think anyone can fault the sexy robo gal for that. Tali’s pussy is looking nice and pink as ever in this page. Good, good, carry on girl. Was very fun to draw her getting some good sex after so long! I’m also glad that the backgrounds are turning out consistently good. More than that I actually look forward to drawing them for each panel! All the different background brushes I use to make them happen makes for a really good time truth be told. It’s fun painting them. Certainly makes things more interesting than the typical work I’ve had to do per page at least.

Also had to draw Hero getting a little feel of Futura’s cute robot butt~ idle hands are the devil’s playthings after all. In group sex like this I always try and make sure that there’s not any bit of wasted action. The more going on the hotter it is in my opinion. Soooo to ensure maximum hotness I do my best and get each char to be doing something! Like originally I was just gonna have Futura hugging him from the side but I was like nah man it’d be way sexier if she’s helping Hero insert himself into Tali. And I was right! What a good girl that robot is. Ok, maybe not good, but at least she’s helpful!

Tomorrow I have some personal junk to wrap up but my colorist should be finishing page 8. We starting to make a little bit of progress at least! MHFAP! Is going strong as it ever is, stronger even since I’m posting all my content everywhere lately!

Characters colored by DallyDonut


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