Rizl and Futura are less than impressed as you can see.

But hey, it helps him focus at least! Speaking of focus, I’ve been focusing pretty hard on expanding my influence and readership lately. You see, I’ll never be satisfied until MHFAP! is the most read dang hentai comic on the internet, or something like that. Sooo I’ve been posting more and more of my sexy monster girl content across various subreddits as of late. If you’re reading this and came from one of those subreddits then thank you for proving that it works! But no really I’m really focused on making sure as many people see my sexy monster girls as possible, whether it’s Tali, Rizl or Futura. And the OCs of course.

The results have been pretty great so far, my twitter is steadily gaining new followers, and most people who go to my twitter end up on the site. So that’s pretty great, pageviews are increasing all around. So I gotta keep up the amount of content I generate to be able to make more and more posts! This week has been a bit slower as far as content creation goes. Been up and down getting a lot done and then getting not much done because of some annoying personal irl stuff I had to deal with. It is a shame that monster girls cannot be the alpha and omega of my waking hours- but things have been progressing smoothly enough as you can see.

What little setbacks there were should be clearing up pretty soon. My sick 2nd colorist should be recovering more fully, and that will free up a lot of stuff I can do here soon. Really looking forward to being able to work a lot more with Fleoa, and her hospital situation coupled with Dally’s pacing was dragging a lot on me in all honest. But both seem to be improving. Let’s hope things keep getting better from here~

Characters colored by DallyDonut


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