This is one of my favorite pages in the whole series so far and I think you can tell why! Really just look at that cute harpy~

Ye seriously I think both my and my colorist knocked this page out of the park. That’s probably the cutest close up of Tali we’ve gotten this far. Before I say anything though I just wanted specify, since someone got it wrong. In the last panel Rizl is complementing Tali and not Hero. I think it’s fairly obvious but felt I’d say something about it just in case anyone else had that misunderstanding.

Doing the backgrounds for chapter 5 has been very fun for me thus far. Not tedious or anything, but it’s mostly because I’m relying on a combination of very useful brushes to supplement my knowledge of color theory and composition. I’ve got to expand the kind of foliage brushes I have available eventually but for now these will serve just fine for this chapter I believe. Mainly I need to find some more tree ones. The pine tree brush I use is amazing but I need more varities or else everyone will start thinking it looks all samey!

My only concern about the backgrounds is that not that many are going to be outdoor nature-scapes like this sexy page here. Chapter 6 marks the very first dungeon arc and I for one am very excited to get into that. But it’s also going to mean backgrounds will be more challenging potentially to paint. Keyword is potentially. I have some things to test out before that happens. I wouldn’t worry too much about it in all honesty- I’m a capable artist capable of amazing things if I actually work and put my mind to it! I won’t let anything stop me from telling the sexy monster girl story I have in my head!

Characters colored by DallyDonut


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