Another new page is up for all you devoted lovers of monster girls!

Lot going on in this page, a cute cat fight, a cute bird, and sharp turn into a very upset bird. That poor harpy has also had a very bad day coupled with the very good day she had yesterday and, well most of today before the Kitoto incident happened! Drawing Tali this page was really fun, been a while since I’ve gotten to draw her exaggerated facial expressions. Not to mention that harpy girl just looks plain adorable! Here!

I’ve told you that chapter 5 was made in response to most of my self-analysis of chapter 4. Adressing the things I thought I did wrong. Astute readers, are you able to see the main difference? It’s pretty easy to see I think if you know what to look for. The main difference in chapter 5 vs 4 is that the amount of stuff going on each page has increased. I almost exclusively used 3-4 panels each page of chapter 4 and I just felt like almost nothing happened in it. Or at least more could have happened. So chapter five of my glorious monster girl masterwork has at least 5-7 panels on average. I don’t remember the full script at the moment though, there might be a few pages with less than that but it was a conscious goal to do more panels and make use of them while trying not to over crowd things. Time will tell if I actually managed to acchieve a good balance or not. I think I did, but we’ll see.

For what I’ll be doing today I think I’ll be focusing on getting some more comic work done as well as starting a minor commission or two from my friend Urban. He gave me a good chunk of funding to buy 6 sexy pinups of some of his MHFAP! OCs and I’m looking forward to that! I drew the first one last night- I’ll share it on the site in a bit here. When I do you’ll find it linked here!

Characters colored by DallyDonut


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