Wanted Poster?! Bounties make their debut to MHFAP! Hero’s reaction seems to be determination!

Welp as you might notice between page 21 and 22, there was a bit of an art style shift… Because of my recent financial troubles I’ve had to take over 100% of my own coloring again much to my dismay. I mean this page doesn’t look bat or anything but, well, it’s not the ideal coloring I dream about having. But at least the coloring on the wanted posters looks pretty good! I handled those too, but there’s a long story about them for another day…

Sorry if this feels kinda rushed, randomly finding a bounty board out in the middle of nowhere. I mean, it’s dumb, but to be fair most monster girls live out in the wilderness anyway and the ones who live in actual towns are much smaller in number. But I can see why it might come off as me just wanting to show off the wanted posters. Hang tight as well- I’ll be posting the full pic for each character’s wanted poster right after I post the Afterwords for chapter 5, I’m sure everyone will want to read all the juicy lore contained within! Many secrets are hidden in plain sight with these things haha.

Now that chapter 5 is over you’re of course probably thinking about chapter 6. Unfortunately as you’re about to read on thenext page, I don’t have much good news to say. But it’s like I always say. Support me on Patreon if you want comics faster. That’s literally the only thing letting me do this at all, so yeah. If you like my stuff then you should really be helping out if you want more of it. Reaching a breaking point very, very quickly. But enough about that- I don’t wanna get super negative. I’ve been having trouble doing that too much as it is lately anyway. Ah well- look forward to the wanted posters!


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