Funny monster girl reactions this time!

The suspense is real. It might seem weird to some that their reactions are shown before the outfits themselves, but that’s kinda the point- wait for it. There’s a reason. But there’s always a reason in my funny monster girl comics, you know? Come on man put some faith in me! Poor Tali, even now her anxieties are getting the better of her and she can’t just take something nice for as it is. I also like how Rizl turned out in the last panel- she’s real fun to draw all distant like that. Trying not to seem too pleased with herself, but just betraying it ever so slightly. Of the new 3 outfits for the girls, Futura’s is by far my favorite. All of them are based on real clothing to an extent but Futura’s outfit was pretty much just completely adapted into my style and the only thing I changed was the shiny blue parts. They were gold in the actual irl clothing. I have so much fun dressing up all my funny monster girls in cute clothing <3

Sorry that the last few pages have been fluctuating in size a little bit- their file sizes are a bit off and I don’t really have time to go around correcting it right now. They should be stable again now though.

Today I went out and bought a third computer monitor. I’ve been wanting one for a fairly long time- drawing on one screen and splitting the 2nd screen between drawing references and whatever video I was watching got really tedious. Not enough room for references. Plus I was doing some power twitter marketing last night with tweetdeck open and it got pretty hectic without another screen. I’m glad I finally went out and got one- it should help my quest for monster girl supremacy even more!

Character colors by DallyDonut


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