Sexy robot comics are always nice, aren’t they?

So, this wasn’t something I planned on when first making Futura. It’s more that she’s convenient to introduce features like this since as a robot I can roll out new features and have her mod her body as the plot demands in these sexy robot comics. Don’t get me wrong- she’s not going to be like an all purpose tool who solves every problem the group comes across! That’d be boring, even for sexy robot comics. Instead, I figured that having her be able to make the group’s clothes would provide a way for me to change their outfits as often as I wanted while giving Futura a unique role that helps take care of evereyone and maybe brings her a bit closer to the group as a consequence? It’ll be a very fun dynamic to explore as we get more and more sexy robot comics~

I tried to have the pose Futura took be nice and dynamic, but as far as art goes this is a pretty standard page. As you can see I saved a bit of time on these here sexy robot comics by drawing them as chibis in a few panels. It helps to streamline things a bit here and there when I can epecially when, you know, this comic has a large cast and it’ll only get bigger and bigger as things go along. It’ll be great, but I promise I’ll never devolve to like making the entire comic chibis except for sex scenes. Though I legit wonder how much time that sould save lmao. Don’t worry! Not doing it- just legit wondering lol. But yeah, thanks for checking out these sexy robot comics, will have more content here on the site soon.

Character colors by DallyDonut


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