My thrilling H Manga continues with a brand new page!

Hope everyone was hurting for some new h manga today, because as always I’m here to provide. Yes this page doesn’t have any sex in it, but it’s an important page none the less! We’re starting to see a bit more of Rizl’s character here and specifically we now know what her relationship is going to be like with Hero as we move forward in this h manga. Overall I think it’s a pretty good page. Nice expressions from the various characters, and I definitely think that panel five has one of the sexiest pictures of Tali’s ass yet! I know I keep saying that, and I can’t help it. I just love my gal’s ass, ok? Now shut up and read more of my h manga ok?

Joking aside, it’s been a rough week but production has started to pick up again, I think. I mean we got a couple of pages done and some new art so it could be a lot worse yeah? More h manga is always welcome to my fans and I want to provide it to you guys. Hopefully things start going faster again soon. I’m not too worried about it, I just want to make more and more h manga. I suppose it’s my fault for being so dead set on pumping out new content but I can’t help it, I love what I do since it means every day I get to work with tons of sexy monster girls! Ah well, what can you do? I will probably do a little bit more work on the comic tonight as well as some commissions work I need to get around to. Won’t be so bad. Plenty of sexy art to create so stick around and watch me do it! Be sure you haven’t missed a page of Chapter 5 yet! And here’s the last page if you missed it.

Oh, and if you’ve ready any good h manga lately besides mine feel free to tell me about it in the comments!

Characters colored by DallyDonut


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