This Harem Quest keeps expanding, we now have multiple objectives!

Yes, Hero continues to have a better feel of what he needs to do on his harem quest. So we gotta beat the Queen, but to beat her we gotta beat the Fair Four, but to beat them we gotta get stronger and get magic sex toys. Sounds pretty easy right? Well, you’d be wrong. After all. No one said this harem quest was going to be easy in the first place! But now we have finally finished up the last of the exposition and I think it’s pretty clear that ya’ll should be excited about everything that comes from now on. It’s going to be a wild ride trust me! Plenty of thrills and fucks to be had along the way as well as character development and epic adventures to be had.

As for this little page of the harem quest, it’s pretty straightforward. Lot of close ups and a chibi panel. Like I said we’re going to get a few chibi panels every now and then to lighten my drawing load a tad, and this is one of em. I think it came out alright, no use in spending time drawing 4 full characters talking about something menial like that when the alternative is to cheese one panel out quickly. I promise to never overuse the chibi aesthetic during this long-running harem quest, but when making comics you gotta take shortcuts when you can fit them in for the sake of improving the comic!

I do hope you’re all enjoying my little harem quest, though. I’ve done my best with it thus far and will continue doing my best with it in the future. Things are looking up as far as expansion and new readers go, but we still really do need a lot more financial support before I can start upping my production game more. So yeah, consider that for me? If not that’s cool too- just continue sharing, reading and commenting on my work if you love what I do! Help the harem quest expand!

Characters colored by DallyDonut


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