Check out that phat ass Tali’s got on her!

I put special attention into drawing that phat ass if you couldn’t tell, because a phat ass is a great ass. I’ve always made sure that Tali has a good deal of both boobs and butts for maximum thiccness. Actually, I was reading some of my earlier blog entries and I noticed a few times where I said that Tali is thin but thicc in those places. That was chapter one though and chapter one me is very different from chapter five me. Now, Tali is thicc everwhere except her bust and phat ass which are even thiccer haha.

For those of you who haven’t kept up with me on twitter or my discord server, I had a pretty bad last couple of days in regards to the website. I was getting some pretty bad error reports from multiple users. At first I wrote them off because it was only coming from one person but then I started to get more reports and eventually I was able to replicate it myself. The problem was when I restored my site from a backup over a month ago it somehow corrupted a large amount of my image gallery on this site. So I had to manually go in and delete/reupload every individual page. Doing this was incredibly stressful and time consuming but on the plus side it made me implement a lot of new ways to optimize the site. So I think it should be faster for most people? And I reuploaded pages using a slightly smaller file so things aren’t in a crazy HD format now. It’s barely noticeable though but it should also increase optimization…

Man I really wanna be at the point in my career where I have someone else running my site who actually knows how to handle tech issues like that, but I’ll need way more money for that lol. Until that day I just have to draw phat ass after phat ass- so let’s get to it!

Characters colored by DallyDonut


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