Harem sex is best sex, more pussy to go around!

To make things more fun, I obviously had to have Futura get in on the action as well this page! Having both sexy monster girls is much more fun to draw, and I think the sex on this page came out really hot for what it’s worth. Tali has a very cute face in panel two, and in panel four there’s just so much sexiness for both of them heh. And also we get a fair amount of plot in this page as well.

There, you finally know the names and species of each member of the Fair Four! To recap, there’s

Meri the Leviathan
Khaalida the Archlich
Salinde the Avalerion
Gloriana the Golden Dragon

Some of you might be asking, what the fuck is an Avalerion? Well, it’s based off of a term I found in my research. I wanted a big, strong, mythical bird that would serve as Queen of the Harpies. Thing is I couldn’t find all that many mythical birds who fit my exact wants and desires, most of them would have to be very cultural. Like if I wanted to use Roc, or Thunderbird, then I’d be obligated to make the girl Persian or Native-American inspired and that does not fit my plans. I needed a species that I could interpret any way I wanted, so I used the term I found as a name and am just gonna do my own thing with it.

The other three members are more straightforward in what they are, but that’s all you’ll hear about them from me! Can’t spoil too many things you know?

Anyway, thanks for reading the new page. I’ll be getting some work done on chapter 5 in a bit here, and will aim to have the next page in 1-2 days hopefully.

Characters colored by DallyDonut


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