Some amazingly hot robot monster girls action for you all~

Sorry for the delay towards getting this sexy hot monster girls page out- things had been a bit hectic here for a while. My colorist was on a short vacation last week and then I was stressed about financials and put up a good deal of time into getting some stuff done. Mainly putting out new MHFAP! OC adoptables for people to buy- basically hot monster girls for sale- and then setting up a storefront for people to go have a look at them and see what kind of hot monster girls I have available at any one time. Not too bad if I do say so myself! Still, a bit stressed and annoyed about that week and my overall progress but I digress. Things are all ok now and I’m starting to make some strides putting out this super sexy monster girl harem comic!

Tali’s pussy in the last panel is probably one of my favorite pussies I’ve drawn so far. I’ve been putting a lot of work into improving lots of different aspects of my art lately and pussy drawing has been a focus for sure. So I’m glad to see Tali’s mound looking absolutely poundable haha. Futura has some cute expressions this page as well, I love seeing her lose her usual cool and collected self to watch it get ahegao’d out of her! So much versatility with my hot monster girls. It’s great!

I think I talked to you guys about how I was unhappy about the pacing with chapter 5. Just wanted to let you guys know I’m deviating from my plans a tad and splitting a few pages that are left in the chapter into two separate pages. So chapter 5 might be like, 5-6 more pages than I originally anticipated? But it shouldn’t affect how fast they get done at all because y’know, it’ll basically be the same amount of panels just spread out a bit more. So tune in next time for presumably more hot monster girls!

Characters colored by DallyDonut


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