Time to fuck that beautiful, petite robot pussy!

Yup folks, just in time for round two, here’s page 10! It’s been a while since Futura got any sweet penetration so I’m sure her fans have been waiting for this for some time. I can’t always balance the sex out properly because I have an actual story I want to tell, and if that involves two chapters where Rizl is the main recepticle of sexual attention then I’m not about to go changing my plans yeah? But I do try my best to balance everyone’s sexual screentime about as much as possible which is why Rizl won’t be engaging in any sexual activities this chapter despite how much I know her fans won’t be liking that.

But hey, play nice my friends! We started a thing in the discord server as a joke where people can get special roles for being on Team Tali, Futura or Rizl. It’s not anything major I just thought I’d bring it up, I’m happy to see that all of my girls have such fun followings! As a creator though, I’m always a bit sad when I hear that one of my girls is someone’s favorite over the others. It comes from me wanting everyone to like my chars equally, like I do, despite that being pretty impossible haha. Ah well, I’m just ‘out-there’ sometimes and this is one of those times.

I think Futura came out really good on this page honestly, as well as the big round butt we get to see from Tali on full display. Really sexy page in general! I find the position to be really fun to draw, I haven’t gotten to draw Hero having sex with too many smaller girls of Futura’s size so I like the really fun rough-housing his big hands can make her do heh, y’know?

New page in another couple of days- I’m really busy with shit right now and have way too much to be working on.

Characters colored by DallyDonut


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