Welcome to Chapter 5, my monster girl loving friends!

Rizl has had a very bad day today. Please be nice to the Ass Lizard everybody. Everyone gets a little chance to shine on this page. Tali’s being crazy, Rizl’s in existential hell, Futura is giving the good suck. All the girls are up to something at the very least!

God this is just a personal note but I am so fucking glad that we’re past chapter 4 for the color filter alone. Having an entire chapter of blue lighting was torture. It looked bad to me… but it made sense. But now that we’re on chapter five of this sexy monster girl adventure, well, I believe things look a whole lot better. So I made it purposefully as colorful as I could! I think the pink flowers add a nice touch, don’t you? Just a reminder that Fleoa is no longer doing the backgrounds any longer. I took that back so we could get pages done faster. Not to brag or anything but I’m preeeetty proud of myself for my work on that first panel hehe.

Rizl’s cute expressions get me good here. It feels so long ago that her face used to look like crap, now I’m able to do a wide range of emotions and it has much better proportions! I do want to let you guys know ahead of time Rizl is not going to be having any sex this chapter. She had two straight chapters where she was the star so we’re going to balance things out a bit. Instead we are going to jump back and forth between Tali and Futura having hot monster girl sex with Hero while we handle the last bit of exposition we kinda need to get past in order to fully leave the intro arc of MHFAP!, but hey, we’re almost there baby!

Characters colored by DallyDonut


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