This… doesn’t seem quite right. You ok there, Hero?

So if you hadn’t noticed, a fun thing about these bounty posters is that they’re heavily, HEAVILY biased news reports that double as propaganda from the Erinyes and the Queen Mother’s monster girl empire. So as you can see- not a single thing is factual about this entire poster lol. I should also clarify that in universe these are illustrations and not photographs. Hero wasn’t caught doing this pose at the most photogenic moment available or anything- that’s why it’s so over dramatic and villainous. Of course I played it up for his more than anyone else’s because his existence is more or less like Satan on Earth haha.

I also wanna bring up that 100k is indeed kind of a low number- oh, and before I forget that little symbol next to the number? It’s an E, and it stands for Eros. The perfect name for currency in this world of horny monster girls wouldn’t you say? Not gonna lie I kinda tooted my own horn a tiny bit when I thought of that heh. But as far as the low number goes, the Erinyes really want to bring him in themselves. But at the same time he’s so dangerous that they can’t ignore him and his Harem by not slapping a number on him- so they put out a small bounty of 100k. This’ll get brought up in the story for sure, I’m just kinda saying it here.

Like I said, I myself did the coloring for the wanted posters. I put the most time into Hero’s by far, even though it’s simple shading I tried to make it all fancy and nice. Hopefully you all think it was worth it!


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