Hardware Harlot… not gonna lie, I’m super proud of that epithet lmao

Poor little Robo-chan, she certainly came out of this the worst off description wise- which is what she was so upset about on page 22. Nothing too innacurate is in the text- since they have even less information on her than they do on Tali and can’t jumpt to any conclusions in comparison. Futura is a pretty big mystery to the Erinyes yet they managed sum up all the basics about her pretty easily…

I should probably mention that these wanted posters are all being written in universe by an as of yet unnamed character. So the tone for all of them will probably sound the same and you might be able to pick up on her personality bit by bit as more wanted posters get released. I haven’t actually decided what species the monster girl writing the posters is, or what she looks like, but I have a fairly good idea on what her personality is like. So look forward to that in the future. I have ideas for it that I think are pretty good, so let’s hope they come out well!

None of the wanted posters were that difficult to write by any means, but since the Erinyes would logically have so little to go off of on her it made Futura’s slightly more difficult to write. I think it’s still pretty good though, the art on it is probably my least favorite. It’s not bad by any means, I just like the other ones more haha. For me, the art on these ranks #1, Rizl, #2, Hero, #3 Tali and then Futura. I’m still happy with all of these though, don’t get me wrong!


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