Open up your lore holes, lore ho’s, it’s time for some Wendigo lore!

Yeah, technically Hero didn’t have sex with Kitoto this chapter buuuut I felt it would be a bit unfair if I didn’t say a little bit about the Wendigo species here. So have some Wendigo lore! You might be asking what the blue hearts mean in this sexdex- and it basically means they are level two. So if 5 Pink hearts is max level one, then 4 blue hearts equals 9 whole pink hearts! Yes, Kitoto is not to be underestimated, nor any member of her species for that matter.

A small thing I neglected to mention when writing this hunk of Wendigo lore is that she can control those bone like protrusions that came out of her through most of the chapter and then were missing after she fell down on page 20. Sometimes when writing lore I might miss a detail I meant to touch on- not very often though! I’m typically pretty good with this, but I had forgot to mark ‘bones’ down on my little skeleton note list I usually keep when writing these things. I don’t think the Wendigo lore suffered that much from me forgetting it, but hey I’m just letting you guys know here if you’re reading! Thank you for reading the blogs if you’re actually doing that, it makes me feel nice knowing people care enough about my monster girl sex adventure webcomic to actually go and do that to dissect some of my further thoughts on this! Personally I think the Wendigo lore is a bit more interesting than what my thoughts might end up being, but hey, you do you!

Thank ya for tuning into the obligatory Wendigo lore, there’ll be more sexy monster girl coming right up!

Characters are colored by DallyDonut


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