Rocket punch to the rescue? Not quite…

Yep, Futura has a rocket punch. Because OBVIOUSLY she has a rocket punch, right? What kinda robot girl doesnt have one of those lying around at her disposal? Of course, its effect was minimal to say the least but at the very least an attempt was made by our poor robotic heroine. I think Futura looks really cute in the first panel, though. My colorist did a really good job with her! Might be my favorite picture of petite Futura thus far, but I’m sure that will change as things keep on chugging along!

Today was a fairly… okay day, I was gonna type good but then I remembered I’ve kinda been suffering some headaches and had to take a rare nap today lol. I’m not usually the kind of person who sleeps after getting up until it’s time to go to bed, no particular reason it’s just not my style. But I had to take a nap tonight for whatever reason… Ah well. I still got done an ok amount of stuff, so I’m not too upset with today’s harvest of monster girl porn haha.

Slowly making progress on getting the site more up to date with the pages I’ve released elsewhere. I feel bad cause I was genuinely doing good at keeping the site up to date recently but then I kinda relapsed into not updating the site again. Blame my fast work pace and lack of people I trust enough to do good secretarial work for me. Not to mention lack of funds to hire people to do that kinda stuff in the first place. Maybe one day but not any time soon!

Characters are colored by DallyDonut


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