Robot comic action complete with lazer beam!

Yes, True Form Futura’s arm cannon is significantly different than Power Save Futura’s arm cannon, naturally. If if didn’t change it wouldn’t be a very good robot transformation would it? While MHFAP! isn’t a full on robot comic, we will still have lots of fun robot moments with our dear friend Futura… one of those robot moments is coming up on the next page, actually, and its something a lot of people would expect from a robot comic! A classic, if you will, which led to me wanting to include it day one. You’ll see when I get around to posting it soon. Very fun stuff!

I really like how the top panel turned out but I’m less pleased about the rest of the page. I dunno, just feeling stagnant art wise again… really shouldn’t force myself to get as much done as possible but eh. I’ll be getting myself to take a break soon so I can get some actual practice in and loosen up my art a bit more so that it isn’t feeling all stiff to me. It gets like that every now and then especially when I’m too busy to work in actual practice and warm up stuff which is sadly way more often than I’d like to admit. I might just be being overly negative towards myself tonight though as I don’t really feel good.

Also if you didn’t notice, Kitoto does not wear panties. Yes. Just a small bit of charaterization I managed to work in while also being a bit of fanservice, though fanservice in a hentai manga feels like a rather strange way to put it heh. Enjoy the robot comic, there is plenty more fun stuff on the way for you to read~

Characters are colored by DallyDonut
Landscapes are colored by Fleoa


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