More lewd kobold fun cumming right at you!

Because the world needs way more lewd kobold content. I think I’ve been plenty vocal about my disatisfaction witht the amount of lewd kobold content readily available on the internet. One of my goals is to change that! Ok not really specifically but like, it’s certainly something I enjoy making a lot of haha. Lewd kobolds are very good kobolds indeed. Even if Rizl isn’t that down for lewding, it’s not like it won’t happen a lot anyway! Poor girl. But hey, we are all here for lewd kobolds so if that’s how you ended up on my site then welcome and hope you stick around to see we have way more than just lewd kobolds for you to enjoy!

I also forgot to get into it when uploading page 6 a few minutes ago, but I also have a pretty big discount program in place now for people who want to buy MHFAP! art from some of my amazingly talented friends. You can read more about this program by clicking here. I would normally get way into it on the site but it’s too late for that shit to be honest. I’ll give a bigger overview and probably make a banner advertisement for it here on the site soon but tonight is definitely not that night haha. I’m barely here right now, that’s why I’m posting all of these lewd drawings to distract you! So go on, be distracted already.

Speaking of lewd kobolds… no, I dunno, I got nothing. I’m tired and am just typing away to nothing it seems. Gotta type to fill up more shit so google sees this comic full of lewd kobolds and horny monster girls and shows it to you so you can read it after all! Thanks for reading MHFAP! thus far, enjoy the lewd kobold drawing <3

Characters are colored by DallyDonut


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