Some more anthro lizard sex coming right up for you guys!

Ay, sorry lads we are behind on updating the pages here on the site again. Been a rough week but for good reasons, mainly just work work working on the comic non stop. I’m more than halfway done linearting this chapter now! Officially I am 15 pages in drawing this anthro lizard sex chapter, but I’ve also done some bits and pieces of later pages too. Making it a habit for when I’m bored to go out and draw the easier panels late at night when I can afford to turn on ‘auto-pilot’. You know? That way you all get more anthro lizard sex faster, along with all those other monster girl sex things you like so much. Everybody wins!

Unrelated but I’m awful tired of drawing Kitoto lol. I believe I’ve complained about it, but yeah, she’s gonna get some major design changes next time she shows up to streamline her design a good deal. Nothing wrong with that. Just means more content faster! And as I’ve said before I had some of her details last moment decisions. I didn’t get to test her design all that much before drawing her in this chapter… Sad but that’s the rough production schedule I deal with. Shouldn’t be a big deal in the future though.

I’m gonna make a shake at getting the rest of the pages I have ready to share with you guys up on the site. It’s been tough to keep up with that given how busy I am actually drawing shit you know. The reaction to this chapter has been even more generous than I was expecting! Which is good to hear considering how worried I was about this chapter not having much sex, whether it be monster girl sex, or anthro lizard sex, in it. But I’m glad to hear that you guys will stick with me when we focus more on action and comedy. Enjoy the anthro lizard sex~

Characters are colored by DallyDonut

Landscapes are colored by Fleoa


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