You know what I really like? A badass robot girl.

And who can blame me? Having a badass robot girl around is incredibly handy- Hero can attest to that. While Tali’s effort was more of a gag, Futura is pretty competent as you can see her aside from her battery life. But hey, a badass robot girl needs something to hold her back yeah? Or else Futura would be way too convenient and strong this early on in the story! And I’m all about the power balance being held up in the main group. There won’t ever be someone joining the Harem who is incomparably stronger than all the other girls- and if there is it’s because they might be older and more experienced and the other girls will catch up. I don’t want to sound like I’m foreshadowing anything here but hey you’ll find out!

Things are going pretty smoothly in comic creation, I suppose. Although I’m going to need to buckle down pretty hard here. After Page 6 is done later today I have no other pages ready for my colorists to work on so I’m going to need to ink and flat color more of the chapter later today. I’ve been busy as of late and did not get around to doing so, but rest assured my focus is going back on the comic right now! As soon as this and page 5 are uploaded here on the site I’m gonna go and ready page 6 for my colorist and then get started on more. I just have to set up Rizl’s scales for the colorist. I am very particular about how those are rendered, so I always draw the scale patterns on Rizl before sending it off to be shaded haha. Can’t help it! Enjoy the badass robot girl until then~

Characters are colored by DallyDonut
Landscapes are colored by Fleoa


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