Ouch, that’s gotta hurt… but at least Tali’s big ass is ok!

I threw in a little ecchi fanservice for you guys showcasing this sexy harpy’s big ass haha. I mean, sure she isn’t having a great day here, but at least she god dat big ass! Oh, speaking of big asses, come check out this sexy piece of Tali art I posted today! It’s also focused on our favorite harpy girl’s big ass just like this page is. So go have a look, I know you’ll love it!

Things went ok today, although I didn’t really do anything important. I’ve mostly been setting up art trades with some friends of mine and was weirdly tired through most of it. I only did one drawing thing today but that’s ok I guess. Just didn’t feel much motivation to do anything but management stuff. You know, posting things, setting up those art trades, talking to people and setting up business. Least I got myself to post this sexy big ass page before bed. I think my brain needs a hard reset lately tbh. I’m staying up way too late and sleeping poorly, but it’s not entirely my fault. My girlfriend’s sleep schedule is retarded and I fully blame her for messing up my rhythm. Not happy about it either but not much I can do… bleh.

Hope you all enjoy the bit of fanservice. Tali’s not going to be wearing that ridiculous thong get up for that much longer lol, so enjoy it while it lasts! I’m sure even without the thong though there’s gonna be a ton of chances to see Tali’s big ass, obviously, it’s just that they’ll be changing outfits a lot and I want them to looks less fetishistic in their day to day clothes you know? Tali’s classic outfit is great for what it is but all good things must come to an end. Until then though, enjoy the view of this harpy’s big ass <3

Characters are colored by DallyDonut
Landscapes are colored by Fleoa


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