Ass Lizard joins the Harem? Or does she? What’s gonna happen from here!

Yes folks, for the 2 of you who had any doubts the Ass Lizard is officially part of the main cast. There were a few people who kept asking in the comments if Rizl was along for the ride and my reaction was constantly ‘is that not blindingly obvious…?’ haha. Yes, Ass Lizard is here to stay. And there was much rejoicing. Butt for real though, how could anyone have any doubt in mind that she was joining the main cast after such a big deal about her in these last two chapters? Ah well, I might just be venting about how vapid one’s audience can be when they make porn for a living. I think god I’m not a hot cam girl, it must suck having to deal with their audience. I’m perfectly happy sitting here drawing myself some ass lizard thank you.

I think I rushed the climax of this scene a little too much. I wanted to keep the page count for chapter 4 low, but there really should have been an extra page where Hero breaks down his ‘plan’ a bit more and Tali and Rizl dig into him a little bit more about it. For future chapters I’m not going to restrict myself by page cound all that much- I’m able to make comics much faster these days. So an extra page is not really that much to add if it means adding a necessary beat to the story. I have problems with how I structured all of chapter 4 though, chapter 5’s writing, composition and paneling is drastically different in comparison so I think you’ll see that I grew a lot from trying new things and then recognizing the mistakes I’ve made. But that’s enough serious talk for now- enjoy the last look at ass lizard this chapter! She is a good ass lizard, and I know most of you will grow to love her as much as I do.

Characters are colored by DallyDonut
Landscapes are colored by Fleoa


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