Taking some serious battle manga cues here folks!

Hope you like the fun battle-manga esque flavor we have going on in this and the next few pages! Like I’ve previously said, I’m gigantically influenced by all things battle manga. Not that great at drawing it yet, but I’m also not a rank amatuer on how fight choreography and page composition should work either. Before MHFAP! I was planning a huge shounen battle manga epic and thus I did a gigantic amount of studies on how to draw fight scenes. So you bet your ass I’m not gonna let those go to waste just because I primarily draw porn now! I’ve always said MHFAP! will have elements of both. It’s for me more than anyone else. MHFAP! is what I’d want to read. An ultra sexual fantasy world with kick-ass battle manga fight scenes and tons of sexy monster girls. As long as they don’t over shadow the sex, everyone wins!

Just throwing it out there, but if you’re an artist who’s potentially interested in earning a free MHFAP! OC in exchange for some art trades, click this link to read the journal and find out more! I’m wanting to spread the OC love out more to people who can actually create new MHFAP! content, you know, giving chars to people who can actually use them heh. It’ll be good for MHFAP! going forward if we expand more and invest in sprinkling new chars to those who would do well to have them but might not have the funds to commission me to do so. I’ve already got a few takers from some friends of mine! Here’s hoping we get even more takers so we can expand the MHFAP! family one character (and artist!) at a time hehe.

Characters are colored by DallyDonut


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