And down she goes! What a surprise!

No one was expecting that little rocket punch gag to actually have any importance, I bet, were they? Hehe. But it just so happens to be the cause of Kitoto’s downfall! Not that Hero knew Futura would have his back with setting this moment up, it just kinda worked out for him in the end. He trusted it would, but I’m sure our protagonist had some other plan to get Kitoto to fall, r… right?

Kitoto was pretty much my bane for all of drawing chapter 4. Any panel she was in just took way longer than I wanted it to and it got really annoying, but it was worth it as by the end I think I got pretty good at drawing her! She looks pretty decent in the first panel here I’d say. Even though she’s easier now, I’m still going to be making some small revisions to her design the next time she makes an appearance in the comic. I promise it’ll be for the better though, never going to make arbitrary changes to designs just to make things simpler for me. I’ll make sure it’s both simpler and better.

As far as to what I’ll be working on today, well, not sure yet. I’m super tired for whatever reason and I got a lot of stuff to do. I’ll make sure that I upload a few more sexy monster girl comic pages for you guys though! I’m doing good and getting the site a bit more caught up thankfully. Not quite in time for chapter 5 but still, we’re getting there! I’ll have some sketches to do after this I think and potentially some work on the comic itself. Eh, whatever I decide to work on you guys will find out about it eventually!

Characters are colored by DallyDonut


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