Hero is ready to cum and finish this all off, somehow! Let’s see how it works out for him!

After pounding away at that tight, wet kobold cunt for dear life it seems our leading man is finally ready to cum and solve his wendigo problem! Poor Rizl though, she must feel miserable. Sure she came a couple of times already in chapter 3 but she probably wanted to grind against his big hard dick long enough to rub out another one like a naughty little lizard. Poor kobold! I’m sure she’ll have plenty of chances to get off with Hero’s cock in the future though so don’t feel too bad for her! I mean, it does kinda suck to have to stop fucking when you’re ready to cum as hard as she was about to but them’s the breaks. She’s groping at cute little tits just to push her pleasure over the edge!

Meanwhile Hero is bursting at the seams, ready to cum like crazy. Look at how hard that boi be, goddamn, and covered with delicious pussy juice sampled from only the tightest and wettest of kobold pussies. Pressed up against her ass like that it looks really nice haha, I quite like the composition of that panel and it might be one of my favorite panels in the chapter. Again, I quite like how Rizl’s expression looks in it as well. Not a very happy sex lizard by any means but I mean hey it’s understandable. Plenty more sexy monster girl content coming your way very soon! You might say it’s ready to cum just like Hero is! I’m dedicated to getting the rest of chapter 4 updated over the next few days as chapter 5 is on the fast track to start dropping.

Characters are colored by DallyDonut


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