And now we cut back to some hot, sexy, if a little cold, scalie sex.

And I’m sure plenty of you are happy we can cut back to the ever so hot scalie sex. Rizl’s expressions on this page were really fun to draw, I love seeing her reacting to getting rammed in the pussy from behind hehe. Such a sexy little kobold gal wouldn’t you say? She can’t contain herself and so she pumps her hips against his cock enthusiastically, making the scalie sex all that much hotter in the long run. And of course Hero just has to grab Rizl by that thick, full ass of hers so he can really get his dick inside. Damn just thinking about it is making me excited! How about you? Hopefully you feel the same, since I worked so hard on this scalie sex for everyone to enjoy!

Our favorite lizard has such a cute blush on her caused by Hero’s big dick pumping her. Don’t let the dialogue fool you though, even if he’s also turned on by Tali he’s fully focused on the scalie sex as well! It’s a team effort, you know? Sometimes it takes two sexy monster gals to make this hero cum! But poor Rizl, she claims to not be into it but we all can tell she’s just trying to save what little face her big sexy ass has left hehe, which admittedly isn’t very much. I think just how much monster girl pussy juice his dick is covered in can attest to just how into the scalie sex this little kobold happens to be. Poor Rizl, can’t be honest with herself or her beautiful body and its need for cock. But that’s ok, they’ve only just met after all! Enjoy the scalie sex my friends!

Characters are colored by DallyDonut
Landscapes are colored by Fleoa


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