There’s nothing better than a good old fashion sexy fight between two monster gals is there?

Besides sex with said monster gals, but that goes without saying. Still, a sexy fight is really high up there if you ask me! Tits flopping around, girl on girl violence, I- … hm. That came out as a bit more psychotic than I intended. I just want to see sexy fights of, like female wrestling haha. Given that you’re here reading my humorous monster girl sex comedy/action webcomic I’m going to assume you want to see sexy fights as well and thus I will continue to draw them for yours and my amusement.

Been really busy lately with juggling work on chapter 5 with work on commissions, a 10 page minicomic that will run right after chapter 5 is posted, and some other stuff that needs to get done. The good thing is all of these are coming along smoothly and more MHFAP! content is coming out faster than ever before! I’m so happy to be able to sit around pumping out sexy monster girls all day every day haha. I wish the comic was coming along a bit faster though but that’s mainly a colorist thing. I have to be patient while I work on other things and preparing more pages for them to color.

Don’t worry too much about that though we’re moving at a pretty good pace and I just have unrealistic expectations of being able to one day blaze through chapters left and right lmao. But MHFAP! is going stronger than ever you can definitely count on that my friend, thank you for sticking around to see the sexy fight between these two sexy ass monster girls. I hope you’ll join me for the next sexy fight, and the next one, and all the sexy fights after that!

Characters are colored by DallyDonut
Landscapes are colored by Fleoa


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