Lots of monster girl action raring to go!

Who’s ready for a bit more girl on girl big tittied monster girl action? I would assume everyone, else you wouldn’t be reading my humble little smut fest to begin with! Tali means business, and even if Kitoto has a point that doesn’t mean Tali won’t stand up for herself until the courage wears off! It’s almost like a form change without any visual distinctions. Our main girl is on a time limit regarding to her confidence and she has to do as much monster girl action as she can get away with in that brief moment of badassery! Though I’ll touch on how exactly this whole thing of hers works more in chapter 5. I’m still just so happy that everyone was properly shocked by revealing a bit more of Tali’s true colors hehe! Nothing makes me more proud than seeing a big moment I’ve planned for ages and ages to be recieved as warmly as possible.

I just finished posting chapter 4 elsewhere today. Bit by bit I’m making progress at updating the site to have all the rest of chapter 4’s sexy monster girl comic content including the rest of Rizl’s hentai scene… but it’s getting really late so I’m going to have to call it a night as soon as I update this one. If I keep posting crap at this rate then I should finish posting all of the pages in about two days. Tomorrow I got a lot to do though! So I don’t know how much I’ll be able to spend updating the site. We’re really getting to the point where I need to consider hiring someone to keep the site more up to date on things, I think… Hm. Just something to think about for now.

Enjoy all that sexy monster girl action coming your way my friend~

Characters are colored by DallyDonut
Landscapes are colored by Fleoa


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