Something rather large is poking up against that lizard butt…

Is that what it looks like? Yes, it is! Our Hero is up and raring to go ladies and gentlemen! It’ll take a bit more than threatening to rip off his penis to fully throw him off his game. Especially while getting to watch Tali with such a big, round lizard butt to grab on to before him. Yes, it would be rude to pretend only Tali’s got him excited. Lizard butt has a good deal to do with it too. Speaking of lizard butt, I really love how Rizl’s expressions came out this page! Ever since I changed the anatomy of her head, she’s been able to have a whole lot more range of expression and I’ve been much the happier because of it. I’m not just happy mindlessly drawing lizard butt, no, the lizard has to have a cute face after all!

It’s late at night and here I am just trying to get my site more caught up on current page releases. God I hate myself for letting it fall so far behind… Protip, if you wanna hear from me as soon as possible when a new page is out then join the MHFAP! Discord. Seriously, you’ll know instantly when I release something that way. Never miss a lizard butt!

I’m supposed to have a mailing list too but Mailchimp told me I broke one of their rules, I emailed their support team WEEKS ago and they’ve never gotten back to me. Rather pissed at that- I have a bunch of subscribers waiting to be told there are new lizard butts available for viewing. Very unprofessional of you Mailchimp smh

Characters are colored by DallyDonut


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