We go from badass Tali to sad Tali and then straight back to badass Tali!

Sad Tali is also a thing that happens, but it’s less surprising than badass Tali. Here we get a little bit of justification for her sudden burst in strength but the tl;dr is that Tali had a sudden shounen friendship power up- only instead of friendship it’s dicks. Because of course it is. Nah, there’s more in play here than just that of course but I can’t go around showing my whole hand after all! I think this is kinda the first glimpse of what I’m really trying to do here, though. MHFAP! is porn, yes, but more serious stuff is gonna happen too. I’ve been saying that for a while but you all get to see where I’m coming from now at least.

Today was another blah day, I just didn’t accomplish as much as I was setting out to. That’s my fault, though, I need to be pushing myself out of my comfort zone and trying to get even more art done. Maybe I was just slightly overwhelmed or something but bleh. I felt better after I put some of the comm work to the side and focused more fully on comic work, though. So that’s a huge plus. When I feel bad I just need to prioritize working on what makes me happy! I don’t want to be sad, like this sad Tali on the comic page. So I’ll do my best to keep focused for you guys, I wanna push out even more sexy monster girl stuff for you all to enjoy! Until then though have fun with this sad Tali, you weirdo.

Characters are colored by DallyDonut
Landscapes are colored by Fleoa


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