Badass Tali? It’s more likely than you think!

Yup, Badass Tali is a thing that happens. Let that sink in as I’m sure plenty of you assumed that she was just tossed off as a gag earlier in the chapter. Not true. You see, there’s a lot of different sides to my characters that you’re going to learn about and appreciate them for! Tali has a lot more going on than you’d initially think. This moment in the comic has been extremely shocking to a lot of my fans because they never expected a badass Tali quite like this. I’m really thankful- that shock and excitement is exactly the kind of response I was looking to get out of this. You’ll learn a bit more of the context from it in a page so for now just keep reading this sexy monster girl masterpiece of mine!

Today was bleh, ish?  I didn’t get all that much done because I kept getting pulled away from my desk. But that’s ok, I’ll get a lot more done tomorrow to make up for it hopefully. My output has been relatively good lately so a day here or there where I gotta be distracted and shit is fine too. There is plenty of time to make sexy monster girl harem content tomorrow! I’ll probably wrap up drawing a few pending MHFAP! OCs coming up and then potentially get a little bit more work on chapter 5 done! But no promises, I really want to get current on all the OCs I owe people. I talked a bit publicly in my server how I want to start slowing orders for OCs down in the future. When I want to make OCs I would rather they be on my terms, and I feel like the added stresses that comes with making a new girl is not worth it in the foreseeable future. I don’t mean no new OCs, I just mean I’m gonna be more selective about them so I can focus more time on drawing other content!

Hope you enjoyed this comic featuring badass Tali <3

Characters are colored by DallyDonut
Landscapes are colored by Fleoa


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