Sexy webcomic gets a bit more serious this time around it seems!

Yup, there’s actual stakes at play here! Sure, MHFAP! is a sexy webcomic focused on fun action adventure and comedy but it’s going to have a lot of serious and tense moments too! As nothing makes the sexy parts of the sexy webcomic even better than mixing in some good variety.   So here we see our Hero unnerved and flopping out of Rizl’s super tight pussy. He can’t help it, seems like thinking about bodily mutilation when it comes to his most valuable asset is a bit of an achilles heel for him! Can hardly blame him, as Kitoto seems like the type to make good on her words most like… But you’ll have to see how it goes and if she manages to!

I’m excited, we should get the last two pages of chapter 4 finished today as long as my background girl, Fleoa, finishes up! Dally is already done coloring pages 21 and 22 and so I just need Fleoa to do the landscapes for them. In chapter 5 I will be doing all of the backgrounds and we will no longer resort to Fleoa. Mainly because chapter 5’s backgrounds are gonna be a whole lot easier and I can paint them just fine myself. I did a color test to set up the pallet and determine the overall feel of chapter 5’s bgs, and this is what I came up with. Response to it has been very positive! As to why I wasn’t doing them for chapters 3 and 4, time constraints and they were tricky. But ch 5’s bgs should be fast and very easy to draw, so I’ll do them. Also the time I spent waiting for Fleoa to get the BGs done is probably time I could have spent doing them myself so it wasn’t a huge gain.

But I adore Fleoa and she’s going to be helping on characters for comms and side comics while Dally continues work on the main comic. The other main reason is I love how Fleoa’s shading looks on my art so much that I think it’s a waste for me to be having her work backgrounds wendigo,kitotohaha! So it’s a very big complement~

Characters are colored by DallyDonut
Landscapes are colored by Fleoa


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