Butts sticking out, just like everyone wanted for sure.

Got another page for you guys and it’s a fun one! Butts galore, as I wanted to showcase Futura’s cute, petite butt in a similar manner to Tali earlier in the chapter. And of course besides the butts we got some other fun stuff going on. Rizl and Hero’s reactions to the girls being displayed butts-out, and Kitoto making some questionable threats.

Really gotta get to work on uploading more of my sexy monster girl hentai for you here. I have a good deal more butts to share and I’ve already begun major work on chapter 5 of MHFAP!. It’s gonna be so much fun, I’m so excited for you all to read my sexy webcomic ahhh! Currently I’ve got the cover page completely flat colored waiting for it to get shaded and I’m 7 pages out of 21 into doing the storyboards for it. So the first 7 sexy pages are all ready for me to draw actually! And I’ve got the scenery picked out as well as the color pallet for the whole chapter. I’ve been very busy as you guys can see, not just with drawing butts either! Got important stuff to do as it were.

If all goes to plan it won’t be that long after chapter 4 wraps up that we get the first page of chapter 5. A fact that I’m sure all of you fans are delighted to hear haha. I want this comic to go even faster in the future so watch me as we continue to work towards that! In the meantime please enjoy these sexy monster girl butts, I have put my best foot forward with drawing them!

Characters are colored by DallyDonut
Landscapes are colored by Fleoa


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