A badass monster fight begins now!

Yup, porn isn’t the only trick I have up my sleeve as far as art goes! I’m also an addict of simplistic battle manga and it’s shaped my world since early childhood. Not saying that we will have monster fights every single chapter, the focus is still sex, but we might see a bit of a monster fight every now and then! Because a good monster fight is almost as good as monster sex. But not quite, so rest assured the sex will still be the overwhelming majority of the comic. Let me have my fun alright! This is my comic not yours! Heh, I kid, it’s all good. I know everyone wants to see a monster fight.

Been doing good but slow the last few days. My colorist has felt slightly sick and its made this week a bit slower as far as pages go. I also had a day where I was all bleh and barely felt like working for whatever reason. Not sure why- but such days do happen every now and then it seems! Ah well. One good thing to note is that I’ve made a huge breakthrough when it comes to drawing a few important species of monster girls. Namely Centaurs and Arachne/spider girls- both very heavily requested types that I have barely drawn. Well I can safely say that’s not going to be an issue! For those unaware I use a 3D modeling program to set up my poses and stuff to save time. It lets me import 3D objects to graft to the models I use, but sadly rigged structures lose all their rigging. But I came up with an extremely clever workaround and now anything with a lower body like that is very doable! This might apply to other types of girls but I need to think on it some.

Until then, enjoy the monster fight!

Characters are colored by DallyDonut
Landscapes are colored by Fleoa


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