And here’s the Afterwords page for Chapter 4!

Some thanks are in order now that another chapter of my increasingly successful monster girl hentai webcomic is behind us. First off, I need to thank the most important person, my lady friend and constant companion. You are more than just the person I live with and the person who flat colors the comics for me because I’m so tired from constant working, you’re mine!

Almost as important as her, is you. The reader who is bothering to be here right now and read the goofy as shit I vomit onto my pages and pass off as comedy. I mean, I think I’m funny, and most people seem to agree with my assessment of myself, but the fact that you’re here and agree with it means a lot to me. I would not be here right now without you! Every single one of ya help keep MHFAP! going by giving my website page views, spreading it amongst your fellow monster girl loving friends, sharing my content on social media, and doing everything you can to support MHFAP! in general. I just can’t thank you guys enough for how kind you continually treat me. I shit post a lot and I’m very sarcastic but I have to tell you to believe me when I tell you that your support means everything. Seriously. Keep on doing what you doing and If you do that, I promise I’ll keep on doing what I’m doing.

Lastly, I want to thank my team of collaborators who helped make chapter 4 possible.

DallyDonut is the main colorist who colored all the characters. She’s younger and inexperienced and she started off in a position where I never would have remotely considered her to color my comic, but after working with her on side content I knew she had potential. My eyebrow was raised so I pushed her. And I taught her the same way my closest advisor once taught me. You get what you give in life. I was given my skills and I only got this good cause I had someone to guide me. If I can help one artist in a similar position as I used to be in, I will typically try to. Dally, you’ve grown a lot and I am looking forward to continually working with you.

Fleoa was a more spontaneous addition to the team. After how rough chapter 4 was, I decided that instead of looking for a miracle person who could color the entire comic by themselves- I instead got two people. One for characters and one for landscapes. Fleoa did a very good job but I am unsatisfied with this format. I’d prefer not to wait on two different people so as I’ve been saying I’ll be resuming colorist duties for the lanscapes of chapter 5 and potentially onwards. Chapter 5’s backgrounds look really good, so I’m very happy to be working on it again. But where does that leave Fleoa, my skilled partner? Well, the main reasion I’m making this decision is because I feel like Fleoa’s talents are actually being wasted working on only doing backgrounds for me. I don’t want her painting my BGs. I want her coloring my chars the same way that Dally does. So as of now, Fleoa is going to be doing pretty much all of the side comics coloring for me. And if anything ever happens with Dally she’ll be the one to replace her most like.

Thank you my friends, and my team, for working to make my absurdist and misogynistic paradise of a worldwide harem of unending monster girl pussy a reality. Here’s to 8000 more chapters!

Futura was colored by my good friend Illunation


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