Rizl shows off her huge ass for the first time! Heck ye boi

Got a bit of a confession to make my fellow monster girl lovers, I may happen to love me a huge ass. I know, this is a shocking revelation and you may never be able to trust me again! But it’s true. So Rizl is pretty much the dedicated huge ass girl of the main girls. She has a solid c-cup of titties, but her strongest asset is, well… Look, I write porn ok? My wordplay is very reliant on ass puns.

I didn’t have the most productive of days really but I got enough done I’d say, and I did a good job uploading the site too! At least we got to the point where I can share this gorgeous kobold’s huge ass with you! I bet you’re all very greatful for that, I hope! As far as tomorrow goes, eh? I’ll prolly get some stuff done I guess. I always do haha. Them sexy ass monster girls don’t draw themselves- nah, that’s my job! And plenty of people are waiting on me to deliver heh.

Rizl is so cute and grumpy, have I mentioned how much I love drawing her? I’ll be doing some minor changes to her face in the near future, fixing her eye things a bit. There are a few moments where her eyes seem to be coming off of her face like eye-stalks and I’m not a fan of that, so I’ll be making sure they line up more in the future with her actual skull. You know me- always striving for perfection! Not just with my huge ass-ed kobold but with any and all monster girls!

Colors by HMCYT


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