Here we go! Our first peek at that naked lizard girl comes at last!

I know you all were waiting for some naked lizard girl, and this page certainly delivers doesn’t it? I’m still really happy with how this first look at Rizl’s nude body in the comic came out! Very sexy indeed if I do say so myself, made even better by how dang gullible and silly she is. But hey, if she weren’t gullible we wouldn’t have ourself a naked lizard girl this page would we? And we would not want to do without that, no sir.

I’m doing a bit better at keeping the site updated lately. Getting things current bit by bit along with updating some new blogs, sadly not enough of them featuring naked lizard girls but hey there’s also a bunch of other sexy stuff you can have a look at while you’re waiting for more Rizl and chapter 3! It’s late, so I don’t remember if I said this yet, but did I mention I wrote the script for chapter 4? It’s super good, I’m so happy with it! It’ll be the funniest yet also the most dramatic chapter yet, and should help establish the tone of the series. It’s a short chapter at around 22 pages, and then chapter 5 is slated to be a short chapter as well. Chapter 5 is the last of the introduction arc and from there the adventure really starts to open up!

And if you missed the news, you can help me out by checking out the first weekly sketch release from my Patreon! Details are over on this blog right here. Pledging and getting access to those rewards will help me make chapter 4 and 5 even faster, so please do so! If not for me, but for naked lizard girls and all the other naked monster girls I’ve yet to draw! Do it for them!!

Colors by HMCYT


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