This sexy lizard gets swept up in the moment!

Poor, poor Rizl. She’s such an exciteable sexy lizard if you couldn’t tell. Easily swept up into other people’s paces… it just takes a tiny little bit of prodding. But that’s what I love about this sexy lizard! Most people thought she was going to be grumpy, by the book law girl but she’s actually very different. And for the record the law also doesn’t mean that much to her, either, it’s just a job not something she’s passionate about by any means. You’ll have to wait till we explore her character more though for that!

I had a rough night. Not that it’s related to monster girls or sexy lizards or anything but yikes. I tried to go to bed early for one and ended up getting sleep paralysis for the first time in my life when I woke up in the middle of the night. Was not very pretty, I’ll spare you the details of what I hallucinated but it wasn’t as bad as it could have been I think. Ah well. And then my favorite Parakeet died overnight, so yeah, still feeling a little upset. I need to do better with the other birds I have right now… But I don’t wanna bum you guys out or anything. sorry haha.

I got a little bit of stuff done today, but not too much. Given the circumstances I’d say that’s more than enough wouldn’t you say? Enjoy the sexy lizard!

Colors by HMCYT

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