Let the mind games commence! Hero, you can do it!

It is here where Rizl’s primary character trait gets revealed- she is extremely gullible. Something Hero manages to pick up on and uses to enter his super seducer mode… watch out Rizl, he’s playing mind games! Her biggest weakness, that poor, sexy kobold… Hey, everyone’s good at something! Rizl just doesn’t happen to be the best at using her brain. I should phrase that differently- she’s a very smart kobold, but cracks under pressure and gets swept away ridiculously easy- a little detail I plan to use for a lot of fun jokes in the future!

The chapter is coming along just fine though, despite the troubles I had to get it off the ground as far as colorists are concerned. That was a whole fiasco I’d sooner not have to think about again any time soon. I’m not fully satisfied with how the colors for chapter 3 have turned out, I love HMCYT and all that but she’s going through some shit as of late and to put it mildly she’s not really able to put out her best work for me. That’s ok, I’m training someone else to take over the colors later in the chapter. Someone I trust with a schedule that should be able to keep up… but I’ve said that before, so I’m always paranoid. Until the day when I’m making tons of monster girl porn money and can hire any colorist I want, we’ll always be on slightly shaky ground. So go support me on Patreon please!

btw if a single person comments objection just cause he’s pointing his finger dramatically I will cancel MHFAP



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