Hero’s plan was figured out…

Poor guy! To be fair, maybe Futura is right and the Hero’s plans are getting a tad too predictable? Nah, if a problem can’t be solved by having sex with a monster girl then it clearly isn’t a problem worth solving in the first place! Even Tali seems a bit unimpressed with his plan, though to be fair, if he loses then she’s pretty much going to jail for the rest of her life. And you know what they say about harpies in prison. Let’s just say our little feathered friend here is ill-suited to be a jailbird. But it’s ok, Hero would never let that happen!

Good god I am tired today. I had to do an extremely rare obligatory family event thing and it took  my away from my beloved monster girls for longer than I’d have liked. Pretty much killed my momentum for the rest of the night afterwards. I’ll probably be taking a break most of tomorrow too- I got done with the last of the prep work for the Patreon revamp, and I’ll have it go live on the 1st I think. Stay tuned for that, I have so much amazing monster girl content planned to drip feed you guys for supporting me! If I make it throught the night, at least… my eyes are so tired. I’ll probably go do some reading before bed I suppose. Gotta keep that monster girl-addled brain pumping somehow, and drawing this smut sure ain’t it heh.

Colors by HMCYT, a very good friend of mine! Please check out her stuff if you can and tell her I said hi!