This erotic adventure is going to be perilous, watch out Hero!

Rizl lays down some hard truths at our Hero, and it seems his erotic adventure is going to be tougher than we might have thought! This was a fun page to draw, Rizl usually only gets to make grumpy upset faces so drawing the cute little kobold smug makes me happy! I need to draw her smug more often haha. It’s a very cute look on her! Of course on the other end of the spectrum, with Futura. Who is just bored not even a day into joining this erotic adventure… She seems to understand how this crap works, at least. Tali, I just love drawing her with anxiety worried about stuff. It’s just too cute! I am a bully and I do not pretend to deny otherwise. It’s too much fun seeing her squirm haha.

This chapter is coming along very smoothly, and I have more to post later on today. The reception to it, especially the comedy, has been very positive! I’m getting really good at mixing the comedy with the sex I think, though you guys will have to wait until a bit later into this chapter’s erotic adventure till we get to the sex part to find out! Writing Rizl is very fun, and she plays off the rest of the cast in ways you might not expect just from looking at her. So many surprises for you are in store with this exotic, sexy kobold lady! Not to mention all the other fun, delicious monster girls we already have laying around haha. But for now we got chapter 3 to worry about, and I’ll be starting to ramp up production on chapter 4 sometime this week most likely!

Colors by HMCYT


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