Funny sex stuff about to go down yet again!

If you know anything about me by now it’s that I think funny sex is the best sex. More comedic dialogue between partners just ties the whole eroticness of the situation together neatly! So it shouldn’t surprise you that our Hero’s plan involves more funny sex around the corner with Rizl. I should also mention that I know some people might think that having Rizl have sex for two chapters in a row is a bit gratuitous, but I wanna promise you that it’s not out of any sort of bias or anything towards Rizl. I love all the harem girls as equally as I can! Honest!

It’s just that my original plans for chapter 3 were… significantly less doable if I didn’t split things up. So the battle with Kitoto was chopped off and put into chapter 4, and the fallout that was supposed to happen at the end of chapter 3 is now going to be chapter 5. So yeah. Not bias, we are still literally just following my plans for chapter 3 lol. Futura and Tali are both going to have some time to steal the spotlight next chapter though, just not sexually. But like I said before chapter 5 is going to make up for that and feature a lot of Tali and Futura sex while wrapping up some exposition I still need to tackle! And then we will finally be done with the intro arc. At the rate that I’m drawing and the rate my colorists are coloring, we should be moving at a very fast pace and I don’t see the next two chapters taking longer than a month each at least. Give or take, don’t hold me to that obviously it’s just a guestimate! But I’m putting out pages much faster in general right now so I’m none too worried.

Characters are colored by DallyDonut


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