The action is about to pick up!

Blood is boiling and tensions are rising! The action is about to begin and things will pick up really hard! Really looking foreward to it myself, I hope everyone else is! This page is your typical call to action. Hero can’t really do much for himself yet so he’s kinda just sitting back and giving orders like a pokemon trainer basically. He’ll be able to get in on the action in the future once the dungeon raiding begins and he starts to pick up magic artifacts, but as he is now he’s only really got one weapon… and I think you know what that is.

Also a lot of people are just assuming that having sex with Kitoto is the only way out of this, and I want to instead say that if his plan was solely ‘trick into having sex with me’ every single time then MHFAP! would get extremely repetitive. Come on guys- I have way more ideas than that! Instead of jumping right at the lowest hanging fruit I want you guys to trust that I have a bunch of crazy ideas that you normal people would never even dream of hehe. Variety is the spice of monster girl hentai, I hear they say. I mean, I’m sure someone says it?? Regardless don’t just assume he’s going to mindless fuck Kitoto and get away. There’s other ways out of this!

Not saying he won’t fuck Kitoto, but I’m also not saying he will! Gotta keep you guys on your toes and keep you guessing! If I’m predictable then what’s the fun in any of this?

Characters are colored by DallyDonut
Landscapes are colored by Fleoa


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