This Wendigo is fucking pissed, it seems…! Uh oh.

Hope everyone is ready for this wendigo to go on a rampage! Things are gonna get pretty intense from here on out with a couple of action sequences starting early next chapter. It’s gonna be some really great stuff- I’ve worked a lot on the choreography and panel choices! It’s the first action scenes after all and it’s gonna be pretty different from the sex scenes. The sex will always outweigh the action but if we mix in a little of both worlds, then MHFAP! will become something truly special I believe! There isn’t another monster girl harem hentai webcomic quite like mine I assure you hehe.

Hope this page gives you a better look at Kitoto, she was pretty heavily obscured last page! This was intentional, I didn’t want to fully show off the wendigo straight up front and center just like that. All about build up and anticipation. You’ll also notice this wendigo has way more spikes than she did in the last page, and that’s because this is pretty much a battle form for her. Kitoto creates more bony spikes whenever she needs to cause some destruction and kick asses! And it seems we’re just about on the verge of it. I’m so excited for you all to experience all the great stuff that’s coming up, I know I say that all the time but I’m really dang proud of what comes next! More wendigo action, some battle, more sex, the works! It’s all gonna be so good so I hope you’ll like all the monster girl action in the next chapter! We should be fully done posting chapter 3 by next week. And there will be almost no delay from that to chapter 4. I’ve already got several pages fully linearted for chapter 4 and by then I might have one ready!

Oh, make sure you check out that amazing Patreon preview I posted of Futura and Servus the Golem giving Hero an amazingly sexy double buttjob!

Characters are colored by DallyDonut


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