Here we have one hot Kobold coming up on her debut scene!!

Rizl, the very hot kobold, has finally arrived and made her presence known! I know a lot of people were waiting for this hot kobold to get her moment in the sun and we’ve finally arrived for her to join the core cast in this sexy monster girl harem! Though if you ask her, she’s not a member of no stupid harem! But you’ll have to see how things play out, as things are not going to go how this hot kobold imagines them to go… What would be the fun in a story like that? Heh.

Things are going well in production-land. I haven’t been working on chapter 4 yet but that’s because I’m putting in a huge effort to make 3 months of weekly patreon content in order to revamp my patreon and make it way more enticing to new patrons. Every week there will be 2 exclusive lewd colored sketches, and 1 fully colored pinup as well each week. I’m mostly done with my prep work as we speak, and from then on to keep the 3 months of buffer I just need to do two sketches and a pinup every week. Doing that will be very easy! Much easier than having to make 12 pinups and 24 sketches all back to back in a row like I’m doing now lmao.

This made a slight delay in my plans, but you won’t believe how sexy some of this stuff is turning out like goddamn. When I upload the censored previews, people are gonna lose their shit I bet! Heh. But that’s neither here nor there, instead we have this hot kobold to tide us over until then! So enjoy the upcoming pages of Rizl my good friends!

Colors by HMCYT check out another thing she colored for me, this pic of the sexy Dwarf Sulwyn!