Kitoto is here at long last after some buildup!

Yes folks, it’s finally time for this girl to make her debut apperance! Meet Captain Kitoto. A fierce and powerful higher ranking officers of the Erinyes and Rizl’s direct superior. You’ll learn more about Erinyes hierarchy as we go along, but suffice to say Captains are a fairly big deal even if they aren’t the highest ranking officers. Some people were confused as to what Kitoto is supposed to be, while others picked it up right away. I should go head and clarify that Kitoto is a Wendigo! An extremely rare and powerful species of monster girl that you’ll have to wait till her sexdex at the end of chapter 4 to learn more about! Sorry to be such a tease hehe.

Kitoto’s design is pretty tough to draw consistently but it’s mainly because I plopped her into the comic without having all that much time to practice her. But I’m already a few pages into drawing Chapter 4 now and I can safely tell you guys that Kitoto is coming along very well and I’m very comfortable drawing this big tough lady now! I get better at her with every panel hehe which is good as Kitoto is a very important character to the comic’s future! Don’t want to give all that many details though, obviously. But suffice to say that Kitoto is not a random monster of the week. And no, she’s not an OC making a guest appearance either. I should clarify that as well! Kitoto is mine and mine alone haha, and I hope you’ll all enjoy this icy brute’s introduction as much as I enjoyed drawing it! She’s going to be such a fun character and I can’t wait for more of Kitoto hehe.

Make sure you don’t miss that really cute guest art I posted yesterday featuring Levy the Vampire! My friend Illunation did such a good job on it!

Characters are colored by DallyDonut
Landscapes are colored by Fleoa


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